The Horner Family

Our Story

Michael & Micah Horner

Broken beyond repair. That’s the simplest (and really nicest) way to describe the condition Micah and I were in the first time we stepped foot in Vegas.

Vegas was the city where our whole lives literally fell apart. Sept. 11, 2008 was our own personal dooms day, and Vegas just happened to be where it all unfolded. Micah and I separated that day with little hope of reconciliation. The damage was just SO extensive. From every angle the situation looked impossible.

But God, in His great mercy and love, entered into our chaos, met us in our desperate places, and transformed the atmosphere of every area that we chose to surrender to Him.

Essentially, He kept transforming & we kept surrendering.

Our Vision

On Exalting Christ

New Thing Church desires to be an influential community of transformed Jesus followers who live to exalt Christ in every aspect of our daily lives. We believe that Christ is best exalted when His people intentionally embody His spirit of grace, acts of love, life of character, and hearts of joy in the world around us.

On Prayer

We realize that we can do NOTHING apart from Christ. “New Thing” was birthed in our hearts after a 6 month season of prayer and fasting; because of this, we know that what began in prayer must be maintained in prayer. That’s why we desire to be a church of Big Expectant Prayers, making prayer center to the life and culture of this community of Jesus followers.

On Disciple Making

We also believe that Christ’s final commission should be our first mission. We believe that the most effective disciple making happens at the intersection of life and truth in the context of real relationships. That’s why we see NTC as a church of small groups of intentional disciple-makers; training, transforming, mobilizing, and multiplying others for the purpose of knowing Him and making Him known both locally and globally.

On Real Relationships

We believe that experiencing a transformed life hinges on 3 primary relationships: A vibrant personal relationship with Jesus; an authentic, transparent relationship with His people; and a compassionate, missional relationship with His world. We see NTC not as a religious gathering, building, or organization; but as a living, breathing, organism led by the Holy Spirit and linked together by authentic relationships.

On Family Diversity

We see NTC as a powerful redemptive witness to the world by being a multicultural, multiethnic, multigenerational family UNITED under the headship of Christ. It is our privilege to demonstrate how a common love for the Savior has the power to transcend those cultural differences that commonly divide. We believe that diversity in the family is not a new thing, but a New Testament thing.

On Kingdom Expansion

We see NTC as a family of diverse, transformed, Jesus-following, disciple-making, prayer warriors seeking to expand God’s kingdom by living missionally, serving regularly, sending cross-culturally, and multiplying disciples and churches steadily. We see church planting as key to kingdom expansion. On average new church plants see 6-8 times more new believers brought into the kingdom than older churches of the same size. Leadership development and church planting pipelines will be a key strategy in accomplishing this vision.