Our Dreams

Our dream for the city is that transformation would occur at the intersection of radical love & the radically lost.

Our dream for the church is that God would shift her reputation from: “something we go to” to “a body we’re SENT OUT from”

We dream of being a catalyst to a multiplying church planting movement of God in the West and around the world.

Our dream for the lost is that 1000’s in Las Vegas may come to find freedom in Christ and a family in the body, and then go on to reproduce their transformation in Christ beginning in their own neighborhood and extending to all nations.

Our dream for the family is that we might support the strong, strengthen the weak, and rescue the wrecked. We dream of one day having a crisis marriage center in the community, where those who are in desperate need of help (but would never step foot in a church) might receive free services, such as information, support, counseling and hope. Our prayer is that through marriage crisis, people may realize their need for a Savior, come to know him personally, and get plugged into a body of believers that can love them back to healing and wholeness.

We dream of seeing the city of Las Vegas in awe of the social transformation because the people of God bring the kingdom of God into the city.